Gary palmer

Gary has been a Finance and insurance Advisor in the Financial Services Industry for 30 years.

During that time he has run his own Finance Company, placed many millions of dollars of lending and insurance cover as well as assisting many into their first home.

He has even been involved in designing new insurance and lending products over the years.

With a wide range of contacts in the Industry and experience managing his own and other business' Gary is well placed to advise and design business and shareholder insurance packages.

Many clients have been surprised at the comprehensive levels of cover they can achieve for similar premiums that they have already been paying.

Gary’s mantra is all about ensuring that the client is getting the best value for their premium dollar.

Sometimes that means redesigning existing insurance packages or getting insurers to offer new ones. Almost any situation can be insured, it's just a matter of finding a reputable insurer and striking a rate.

Putting together commercial finance packages for developers or those adding to their Investment portfolio takes more than being able to crunch numbers.

Having long term relationships with the lenders is also critical and with 30 years experience, Gary certainly has these and is happy to use them to his clients advantage.

Bobby chua

Bobby comes to Peak from a career in nursing.

We see this as a huge benefit to our clients as it enables him to converse with expert knowledge about any conditions they might currently have.

It has already proven its worth with his ability to negotiate terms with our underwriters.

Bobby is a dedicated family man who fully appreciates the value of insurance in protecting his young family.